Winter’s End

The (austral) winter season at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station ended around noon on Saturday, 27 October, with the landing of the first New York Air National Guard LC-130 in almost 10 months.  In some ways it seems as though the last flight we saw in February just left; in other ways it seems an eternity.  … More Winter’s End

Cleanest Air On Earth

The cleanest air in the world is at the South Pole.  As the “emptiest” continent, there are few manmade sources of pollution in Antarctica.  Air samples collected here are considered to be indicative of uncontaminated background air, which is why the atmosphere has been studied at the South Pole since establishment of the first permanent … More Cleanest Air On Earth

Astronomy On Ice

Shortly after attainment of the South Pole…first by Roald Amundsen in December of 1911, then by Captain Robert Scott in January of 1912…Rear Admiral Robert Peary inquired of Professor Edwin Frost at the University of Chicago as to the suitability of the South Pole for astronomical observation, given its high-altitude, low humidity, and long winter … More Astronomy On Ice