Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is a time of great celebration in Antarctica, for it means we are halfway through the perpetual polar night and the Sun has begun its journey southward to reappear in the late September sky.  Since the time of the earliest Antarctic explorers, the winter solstice is when our minds turn to thoughts … More Winter Solstice


One of the great things about being at or near the Earth’s polar region is the opportunity to witness the incredible celestial display known as the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) in the Arctic or the Southern Lights (aurora australis) in the Antarctic.  I remember first seeing the aurora borealis as a doctor at the U.S. … More Aurora

Starry, Starry Night

I am certain most of us are fortunate enough to have had memorable nights in our lives when the stars were especially spectacular, simmering as diamonds against a sky of black velvet.  Two such nights immediately come to mind for me.  One was disembarking a submarine at night in the Bay of Cadiz off the … More Starry, Starry Night