I am certain most are familiar with the World Heritage Site located on the Salisbury Plain in southern England.  The mysterious circle of large stones set within earthworks forms the prehistoric monument known to the modern world as Stonehenge.  I suspect far fewer are aware of a much more isolated, but nevertheless geographically interesting location … More Spoolhenge


How you ever wondered what is so special about moonlight?  Few sources of light have so captured the imagination.  Folklore tells us exposure to the light of the full moon will turn a susceptible person into a werewolf or that it makes the symptoms of lunatics (derived from the Latin word luna or moon) much … More Moonlight


I like balloons!  And I am not talking about the kind used for birthdays or other celebrations.  I am thinking of something on a much grander scale.  Before the advent of heavier than air flying machines, balloons were the only way scientists could take instruments aloft to study the atmosphere.  The very earliest balloons were … More Balloons